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We have recently developed our ‘professional’s network’ which aims to support all professionals working with children with Down syndrome in the York area.

We have a closed Facebook group for professionals. Click on the link below and request to join. The aim of the professional’s network is to share good practice going on in the city. As parents the first thing that we do when faced with a new challenge is turn to each other to ask for advice. We’d like professionals to be able to draw on one another’s experience too and create a supportive environment where people can chat.

Our ‘School’s Network Leader’ (who is a parent of a child with Down syndrome, a primary school teacher and an Early Years SENCo) will ensure useful resources and relevant courses are posted regularly. A mailing list has also been created for anybody who isn’t on Facebook and the same resources and courses will be sent by email.

Courses and resources can also be found on the links below.

Please email with any queries and to be added to the mailing list. All emails are treated confidentially.

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