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If you are expecting, hope to adopt or have just had a baby, congratulations! As a group we support families in and around York who are enlivened by a member with an extra 21st chromosome (Down syndrome/Down's syndrome/Trisomy 21). Each family (and each member of the family) has a different story to tell but many of us are struck by similarities and common experiences. A few of our members have kindly shared their stories and can be viewed by clicking on the pictures below.

Recently we were delighted to join other local support groups in backing the "PADS" website initiative. PADS stands for "Positive About Down Syndrome". For lots more stories about the experience of welcoming and living life with a person who has Down Syndrome please visit the PADS website 

Everyone deals with the news about their child's diagnosis in their own way. We're here to offer help and support in what ever way we can. A poem that is often shared amongst parents of children with additional needs is 'Welcome to Holland' by Emily Perl Kingsley and can be viewed below. 

Want to get involved?

If you would like to meet other families within our group, please see our 3-21 page to view details of our monthly Saturday club. We also have a private Facebook group that can be found here (please request to join). Alternatively you can contact the group via the contact details on this site. We look forward to hearing from you.

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