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Welcome to York Down Syndrome Support Group

Who are we?

We are a parent led support group based in York in the UK. Our overall aim is to create and develop the conditions which will enable our children with Down syndrome to attain their full potential. We aim to support all those involved in the lives of our children including family members and professionals. 

What we aim to do:

  • offer personal support to new parents or parents with an antenatal diagnosis in what ever form they prefer

  • host a monthly session (3-21 Saturday club) where families can come together to chat and play

  • have regular social events for the whole family

  • lend useful resources to families and professionals

  • provide training for parents and professionals

  • provide weekly speech and language groups

  • promote the awareness of Down syndrome and encourage the inclusion of all within society

  • support high quality research about any aspect of living with Down Syndrome 


Our group started to get going formally in 2012 and our first 3-21 Saturday Club was in April of that year. We don't have any 'formal' paid for membership. We currently keep in contact with approximately 70 families via mailing lists (email and postal) and our families Facebook group.


All of our main group work is undertaken on a voluntary basis by the committee. The committee is made up of 9 people who aim to meet each quarter. Click here to meet them.

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